Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Recap

This morning we volunteered at the DC Central Kitchen. We cut up vegetables, chicken, and sausage to be used to feed the homeless later in the day. After we finished we enjoyed lunch with the staff and came back to the church to get ready for our next adventure. Our city host Mackenzie wanted us to really understand what it means to be homeless in Washington DC. She gave us each $2 and told us to go find dinner in the city. We would be on the streets for a couple hours and had to look for a place where we would sleep if we were really homeless. We ended up at Union Station where we were able to buy some tacos with our money. Outside Union Station were a lot of homeless people that we felt called to help. We helped 6 people but still wanted to help more people so we went to Walgreens and bought food and some toiletries. In the end we helped at least 15 people!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Recap

Another busy day here in the city! We started the morning early with breakfast and devotions. Then we left and went to World Mission for Christ where we met Dr. Joanne Perkins. Dr. Perkins was an energetic, fun, animated, loving, enthusiastic woman. Her love for the Lord and His people was clearly evident and she was thrilled to have us help at the church. We tidied up by sweeping and weeding out front. We then went to her house and helped clean and pack up in preparation for her move. We had a lot of fun with Dr. Perkins and really enjoyed her stories, songs, and dance! We left Dr. Perkins and ate lunch at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. The hardest and most upsetting part of the day was when we went to St. Thomas More Rehabilitation Hospital. We visited with patients and brought a smile to many faces. When we left, we talked about how bad we felt for the patients there. One patient told us how the staff doesn't take the time to talk to the patients and she was very grateful for the time we spent with her. This evening, we walked around the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and ate dinner again at our favorite restaurant, Ben's Chili Bowl! Pray that we continue to get the rest we need and that God keeps us safe while traveling around the city.

Air & Space Museum

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Recap

Our first full day was very busy and full of unique experiences and sights! We started our day volunteering at a local food bank where we sorted food that will be distributed to people in need. After that we stopped by a shelter that provides food and shelter for the less fortunate. While there we helped clean up the dormitories by making beds, mopping, and scrubbing. It made us realize that we are very fortunate for the comforts we have in our own homes. We explored the Tidal Basin and saw the beautiful cherry trees and Jefferson Memorial. One of the highlights of the day was our dinner at Ben's Chili Bowl. We had an amazing meal and heard an incredible story from one of the workers at the restaurant. He gave us a great history lesson and encouraged us to be the difference in the world today. We ended our evening with a prayer tour around the city. We were able to learn about some of the different neighborhoods and people that live here and pray for them. We also prayed for the many political leaders of our country as we drove by their workplaces. Please continue to pray for safety, energy, and an open heart as we continue our mission here in DC.